Who are Evil Machines?

We are a small games company based in Glasgow, Scotland.
We build multiplayer cross platform strategy games that you can play wherever you are, whenever you like.

What are we working on?

Our first project was called Conspiracy: Corporate Warfare.
You engage friends (or foes) in tactical battles using your mobile phone or any PC with internet access (Macs and Linux too).

A new project is to be announced in spring 2013...

Strategy games? On a mobile phone?

We know it's hard to create great strategy games for mobile phones.
In Conspiracy: Corporate Warfare we've learned from other mobile games to take the best advatage of the platform.

  • Each turn takes less that two minutes to play.
  • All the 'difficult' calculations are done on a powerful internet server
  • Send messages to players on both platforms
  • Arrange alliances (or backstab your enemy)

  • New

    Download a movie of Conspiracy: Corporate Warfare from our downloads page.

    Download the movie of Conspiracy: Corporate Warfare from our downloads page...
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